Black Friday 2017: what it is and how it works

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Black Friday 2017: what it is and how it works

But be careful: for this withdrawal to be considered valid, the contract must have been stipulated remotely or away from business premises, or via the web, telephone, post or e-mail. Once the appropriate form has been downloaded, printed and filled out, it must be sent by registered mail to SKY Casella Postale 13057 – 20141 Milan or by sending a certified email to TIM Sky subscribers must send it to Sky Italia srl ​​c/o Telecom Italia SpA, Customer Service, PO Box 111, 00054 Fiumicino (RM).

Withdrawal form beyond the first 14 days of activation: cancellation is different if 14 days have already passed since signing the contract. In this case the withdrawal will be effective 30 days after receipt of the registered letter with return receipt to the same Sky postal and certified email addresses. With regards to costs, Sky will charge the fee for the service used up to the effective date of the cancellation, any costs for recovering the decoder in the event of its return, equal to 11.53 euros and any amounts linked to discounts/promotions for which is subject to a penalty.

Cancellation form upon expiry of the contract, to be sent within 30 days of that date and in the event that you no longer wish to renew your Sky subscription. Also in this case it will be sufficient to fill in each field and send the form by registered mail (paying attention to the different addresses in the case of TIM Sky users) or certified e-mail without any additional cost. Regarding the decoder, Smart Card or other Sky devices on loan for use, the company will send written communication after the subscription closes with all the information on the times and methods of returning the materials.

Early termination of Sky contract: what costs

If you wish to proceed with the early cancellation of your Sky contract with a decoder on loan for use, the cost to be incurred will be 11.53 euros, VAT included. Sky also reminds you that if the withdrawal occurs before the expiry of particular offers and/or promotions, in addition to the cost of the operator, the cost of the discounts used will also have to be paid.

Return of decoders and smart cards

Only after notification from Sky that the contract has been closed will it be possible to proceed with the return of the Decoder and Smart Card which must take place within 30 days by going to the nearest Sky Service (the list can be consulted online on the official Sky Italia website). Here you will receive a specific receipt for the return of all materials which include, in detail, the Sky Decoder and associated connection cables, Smart Card, Sky Remote Control and Digital Key.

The countdown has begun for the week of Black Friday 2017, given that it is already possible to find the best offers on many items on the web, starting from electronics and IT. While waiting for Black Friday 2017, which falls on November 24th, Amazon is already flooded with offers, starting with the flash ones, which are even renewed every five minutes. With discounts that in some cases reach up to 60%, on the website it is currently possible to purchase a bit of everything at reduced prices, from electric brooms to coffee machines, as well as fitness trackers, beauty products, speakers, cameras, set-top boxes, headphones and much more.

Amazon offers for Black Friday 2017

Most of the products included in the offers of the day are not only sold and shipped directly by Amazon, with the possibility of requesting a gift box, but they are also delivered quickly and at no additional cost, even in just 24 hours, if you are Prime customers. Furthermore, as regards online purchases, even for Black Friday 2017, the Amazon Prime customer on the Italian website of Jeff Bezos’ company will always have a front row seat as members always have the possibility of accessing the proposed flash offers 30 minutes earlier than everyone else.

» All Amazon offers for Black Friday 2017

Amazing discounts for Black Friday on Amazon

Overall, the incredible discounts for Black Friday on Amazon will last a full two weeks, from 13 to 26 November 2017. And this is because the company listed on the Wall Street stock exchange has decided to offer thousands of discounted products first in the week preceding that of Black Friday, and then in that of ‘Black Friday’ which will culminate on Monday 27 November with Cyber ​​Monday 2017.

In this regard, for ‘Cyber ​​Monday’, Amazon has already announced through its website that there will be unmissable offers for online shopping not only on electronics and IT items, but also on all other product categories, from books to home and cooking, and through music, video games, toys, office products, DIY items, sporting goods, early childhood products and also many offers for clothing, footwear and accessories.

» Amazon Black Friday 2017 offers

Furthermore, thanks to Amazon’s Prime Now program, those who live in the Municipality of Milan and its hinterland will be able to purchase online and have the goods delivered even just 60 minutes after completing the transaction, i.e. after paying by credit card. There are currently over 20 thousand Amazon Prime Now products to choose from, including food, household products and electronics.

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Pay TV has now taken hold in the habits of Italian viewers and the Mediaset company has not been outdone, offering its own paid service. Mediaset Premium presents itself as a point of reference for sports enthusiasts (especially football), TV series, films and entertainment due to the vast range of programs offered. Like its direct competitor, Premium also offers its users the possibility of subscribing to various varied packages intended for every type of audience.

However, it often happens that users who have been subscribed for a more or less long time can decide to cancel Mediaset Premium for the most varied reasons and which can range from the most common economic motivation to the mere loss of interest in the offers offered. How to proceed in these cases?

Cancellation of Mediaset Premium: first steps

Proceeding with the Mediaset Premium cancellation is a rather simple operation also due to the few steps to be taken and the transparency offered by the service. As with the direct competitor Sky, also in this case, before proceeding with filling out the appropriate forms it is possible to request further information through the official website.

By connecting to, at the bottom of the page, in the Useful Links section, the field dedicated to Withdrawal Info is easily visible. From here it will be possible to manage everything that has to do with the Mediaset Premium cancellation. In case of doubts, it will be possible to leave your contact details to be contacted by a service operator who will provide all the useful information on the methods of withdrawal or cancellation. On the same page there are also the relevant forms which vary depending on the moment in which the subscription was signed.

Mediaset Premium contract revocation or cancellation forms

Cancellation form upon expiry: if you have decided not to renew your Mediaset Premium subscription after the contract expires, you can proceed with the cancellation request. This must be completed at least 30 days before the expiry date using the appropriate online forms and depending on whether it is a Premium on Line, Premium or Rental subscription. In one of the three cases it will be sufficient to download the appropriate form, fill it in in its entirety and send it back, duly signed, by registered mail to the address: Mediaset Premium SpA Casella Postale 101, 20900 Monza (MB).

Withdrawal form after 14 days: if more than 14 days have passed since signing the subscription or rental, you can still request immediate withdrawal from your contract. How? Also in this case, if you have realized that you have subscribed to a service that does not meet your needs, you can refer to one of the three modules dedicated to Premium on Line, the classic Premium subscription or rental. After completing it in its entirety, it must be returned by registered mail to Mediaset Premium SpA Casella Postale 101, 20900 Monza (MB).

In these cases, however, additional costs must be taken into account: the cancellation will take effect within 30 days of receiving the request. The company will then be able to request payment of the amount due for the month following the request itself. The deactivation costs are equal to 8.34 euros and any amounts already paid for the monthly subscription payment will not be refunded.

Withdrawal form within 14 days: if reception problems have arisen in less than two weeks or you are simply not happy with the subscription you have just signed up for, you can still request its deactivation. There are two forms available on the official website: Premium online subscription or traditional Premium subscription, in both cases to be returned to Mediaset Premium SpA Casella Postale 101, 20900 Monza (MB), by registered mail with return receipt. The user will not incur any late fees or deactivation costs.

How to revoke the Mediaset Premium cancellation

Have you proceeded with the request to cancel Mediaset Premium but, after an initial moment of confusion, have you decided to retrace your steps? Nothing is lost yet: the service provides repentant users with a special form with which it will be possible to ask to keep their currently contracted subscription service active and with the same payment methods. After having duly signed it, simply send it to the Mediaset Premium SpA postal address Casella Postale 101, 20900 Monza (MB), by registered mail with return receipt.

Where to find the appropriate form? From the Customer Area, simply click on the section dedicated to Assistance, then on the icon dedicated to Forms. From the menu on the left, simply click on Subscribers and prepaid cards, then download and print the cancellation revocation form.

Sponsors for a football team are very important, especially when a prosperous and long-standing collaboration between two clubs starts, and there is a lot of money at stake when the various bookmakers and online casinos are added to this. It is certainly no mystery that in the past brands such as Bwin and Eurobet have contributed, in economic terms, to improving the stability and economy of a football team, indeed not only in the past as this happens practically whenever possible.

StarCasinò has chosen Milan Calcio thus becoming the Major Partner, needless to say that marriages between football teams and online casinos are increasingly in vogue, and in the last few hours Milan Calcio and StarCasinò have started a collaboration. The announcement was made through social networks with a campaign and the launch of a dedicated hashtag #oraloso.

Obviously on the occasion of the partnership there is no shortage of no deposit bonuses and offers reserved for fans of the AC Milan team.

The start of the collaboration between StarCasino and Milan

The new collaboration was inaugurated during the match between Milan and Udinese, won by the Rossoneri, certainly a fortunate and positive debut for a partnership that will last at least for the next three years (according to the contract).

StarCasinò is currently one of the most used online casinos in Italy and is a brand that is part of the Betson Group, in recent years it has recorded an increase of over 100%, becoming one of the most well-known casinos in Italy.

In the agreements, the partnership includes the presence of the brand on the sidelines, in the changing rooms and in the mixed zones, as well as obviously being displayed during the exclusive events and competitions organized by the Rossoneri club.

Lorenzo Giorgetti, CCO of the Milan company said he was enthusiastic about the collaboration between two leading companies in the various sectors of expertise. This is certainly another step forward for Milan to return to the great levels it was before.

November 24, 2017 is the so-called Black Friday, the Friday which in the United States is the day after Thanksgiving.

But Black Friday takes on its importance, even in Italy, as it is the day on which the Christmas shopping season begins with discounts on many goods and services, including online.

» Free trial Amazon Prime » Black Friday 2017 offers

Black Friday 2017: Amazon offers

It is no coincidence that on Black Friday 2017 on the Italian Amazon website it will be possible to access a wide range of offers at discounted prices ranging from IT to electronics, including clothing, music and books. , video games, sporting goods, toys, baby items, home and kitchen products, office products and much more.

With Amazon Prime you have access to offers before everyone else

For those interested in shopping online on for Black Friday 2017, we recommend subscribing to Amazon Prime not only in order to be able to access a wide range of preview offers, i.e. before everyone else, but also to benefit from rapid delivery of the goods purchased in just 24 hours.

Amazon Prime: 30 day free trial

To sign up for Amazon Prime there is currently an annual fee to be paid which is equal to 19.99 euros, but the service without additional costs, upon registration, can be tried without obligation for the first 30 days. When subscribing to Amazon Prime, the advantages of which can be exploited not only for Black Friday, but all year round, many services are included starting, as mentioned above, from unlimited deliveries even in a single day, through early access to lightning deals and the ability to take advantage of Prime Photos, unlimited storage space for photos.

» Try Amazon Prime Free for 30 Days

The benefits of Amazon Prime aren’t over yet!

Prime Video is also included in the Amazon Prime membership fee to watch the best films and TV series, including original ones that are only visible with Amazon.

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